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In the same spirit as in 1883, when the town of Allardt was established by many families coming together to purchase plats of land, Allardt Real Estate Association (AREA) helps clients with the purchase and sale of properties on the Cumberland Plateau. AREA will facilitate your dream property acquisition, guiding you through the entire real estate process including property tours, appraisal, inspection, financing resources, relocation assistance and property closure.

Our History

Allardt Real Estate Association (AREA) LLC is affiliated with Allardt Land Company, which has developed equestrian subdivisions including the Highlands, White Oak, Spruce Creek Acres and Zenith near the Big South Fork NR&RA.

AREA is also affiliated with East Fork Stables, which is a premier equestrian vacation destination. If you are looking to purchase or sell equestrian property near the Big South Fork NR&RA, please contact us. We have numerous properties of our own for sale and are licensed to assist buyers and sellers with properties located anywhere in Tennessee.

History of Allardt

From different states and Canada, but mostly from Michigan, came the families of Allen, Adams, Blanchard, Bradford, Clarke, Cuddy, Currie, Goss, Hiller, Harris, Hooper, Hill, Locke, Lake, Makrs, McClellan, Luddington, Knight, Kring, Jones, Ross, Rosenbaum, Sherman, Schenck and others to form the town of Allardt.

Allardt is located on the PEASE Grant — grant #6418, entry #465 — and also the McCormick Grants. It is located on Highway 52, five miles southeast of Jamestown, the Fentress County seat.

Allardt was planned as a city, with its streets named and lots numbered. The smallest lots in the center of town were only 25’ wide by 100’ deep. The entire plat (on record in the Fentress County register’s office) is known as Plat One of the Clarke Lands and was laid out with a base line running approximately east and west. This line was the town’s main street and was named Michigan Avenue. All lots and farms were described in the deeds of conveyance as “Lot Number __ North of the Base Line” or “Lot Number ___ South of the Base Line.”

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